Skottle Kit


Anything you can cook in a pan, skillet or grill can be cooked in a Skottle. This outdoor cooking surface comes pre-seasoned, with the burner, and ready to use.


Originating from the farming fields of South Africa, the Skottle is the perfect way to cook everything from quesadillas to stir-fry either at home or while camping.

  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • The more you use it the better the non-stick surface becomes
  • Easy to use single burner
  • No more bending over a hot fire or worrying about jumping sparks or embers
  • Skottle stands 28 inches / 71 cm high 
  • Wide 18 inches / 45.7 cm of cooking space
  • Removable support legs for easy transport or storage
  • Carry bag for the Skottle pan and burner bottle(s)
  • Tough and easy-to-clean vinyl bag material
  • Separate storage bag for the legs
  • Skottle grill and carry bag made in USA


Consists of:
1 x Skottle Grill
1 x 10 000 BTU single burner
1 x Skottle carry bag

Product Dimensions:
Skottle Pan: 483mm (19") W x 152mm (6") D
Legs: 76mm (3") L x 72mm (3") W x 734mm (29") H

457mm (18") W x 737mm (29") H

9.5kg (21lbs)


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